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CHAZZ cigarillo

Free from compromise

New: from the

100% tobacco. 0% additives. 200% character.

So how does a cigarillo made from 100% tobacco with 0% compromise taste? Exquisite Sumatra tobacco, cultivated in Ecuador and Mexico, delicately composed, and crafted by experienced hands which know how to optimise the character of tobacco – at one of the best cigar manufacturers in the Dominican Republic. Fairly mild, with a hint of spice and a full yet entirely uncomplicated character. 100% tobacco. Free from compromise. A CHAZZ among cigarillos.

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Mild, with a hint of spice

CHAZZ doesn’t compromise

The wrapper of the pleasantly mild and slightly spicy CHAZZ is made of Mexican Sumatra. Ecuadorian tobacco is used for the binder. The filler comes from the Dominican Republic, Brazil (Mata Fina & Mata Norte) and Java (Besuki).

The packaging of CHAZZ is naturally puristic – as quality speaks for itself. CHAZZ are made at Arnold André Dominicana, one of the best manufacturers in the Dominican Republic.

CHAZZ cigarillos

CHAZZ Cigarros

CHAZZ Cigarros

Format: 11.5 x 105mm. Available in packs of 10 and 5.

CHAZZ Cigarillos

CHAZZ Cigarillos

Format: 9 x 100mm. Available in packs of 20.

CHAZZ Cortos

CHAZZ Corots

Format: 11.5 x 75mm. Available in packs of 10.

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